For Restaurants, we provide tools you can use to keep your business thriving and your customers delighted
  • Upload your menu
  • Create specials that run daily, or at a certain time (and/or day).
  • You can sell in bulk (buy three, get one free, one free entree after your fifth order... etc) or create a meal for the family. This helps offset the reduced table count (social distancing) in your restaurant!
  • Track deliveries, charge for or track employee vehicle mileage and track your expenses (tax implications).
  • Delivery companies like Uber Eats, Postmates and Grubhub are making a mint on coordinating deliveries, you can keep this revenue inhouse!
  • Provide a platform for customer feedback in a controlled environment.
  • Sign up for the Edge program to completely eliminate credit card fees and merchant fees that take revenue from your bottom line.
  • Get paid immediately after merchant settlement.
  • Create a membership program to reward your customers with points, coupons, discounts and merchandise (T-Shirts for instance, and these can be purchased!
HungryZeit! Is a humorous take on being hungry now. It's a proven fact that when you're hungry, you don't make good decisions!
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