Delivery is obvious. We decided to include delivery in the HungryZeit program as it’s highly desired and customers love being able to stay home and get their food delivered. Additionally it’s really helped the customer feel more comfortable during this uncertain time with customers’ health potentially at risk. So Delivery Services have proven to be a really good, valuable thing for customers. Unfortunately there is also a huge risk, mostly borne by the restaurant, when you trust an UberEats or Grubhub to deliver your customer’s food.

How can this be? It’s simple! Just pickup the food and deliver it to the customer. What could possibly go wrong? Lots of things can go wrong and it’s unfortunately the types of things that have a drastic impact on your businesses bottom line. Too many times we see a 1 star rating from the customer just because the food wasn’t cared for in transit. Food is banged around, isn’t hot, has a lid that was precariously fastened, this can all impact the quality and appearance of the food when it’s delivered. If the driver has to hit the brakes and drops the bag of food on the floor board, it’s not like they really care, I mean, they are just doing the delivery. This is just an unfortunate fact that restaurants have to contend with today. And worst of all, it’s completely a reflection on your restaurant when this happens! The customer just knows that they ordered food from you, and doesn’t necessarily realize that you may have packaged it perfectly for delivery, made hot and delicious and then… well we call it Grubhumdrum.

You can guard against trusting your reputation to a Grubhumdrum delivery service by setting it up yourself! Performing the delivery service yourself gets you a lot of advantages. There is a demand, customers want it! So rather than giving a percentage of your profit to a delivery service that has employees that just don’t care and may very well make your business look bad with a poor performance, add the revenue to your bottom line and control the process with the help of our software.

We provide you complete control over the delivery service. Tie in your orders to the map, visualize exactly where your vehicles are, how fast they’re going, what the gas tank level is, time to destination, total time on the road, if you can envision it, we can provide it. And it’s not expensive. Most transponders are under $20 per month. Many businesses rent these to the employees/contractors to guarantee that they’re taken care of, further reducing cost and liabilities.

HungryZeit has the capability to help you add this dimension of service to your business and increase your profit to boot!