Every business owner wants to make customers happy while they turn a profit, one of the best ways to do this is to make an environment that fosters customers that are so happy with your business they become ambassadors for YOU. We call them “Raving Fans” and it’s a key differentiator to the wildly successful businesses out there and those that struggle. How then do you create raving fans of your business?

If you have a good business, with good products/service adding a Membership program can be the answer. Offering your already loyal customers a means to engage with your business on a different, more exclusive level is appealing to everyone. It’s why you see cars with customizations, as an example, everyone wants to be unique in some way.

Restaurants starting offering the little punch cards where when you visit and have five meals, you get a sixth entree half price or free (or some bonus on that sixth visit) and it is universally embraced by customers. People will go out of their way to get that punch on that little card. This has progressed into a digital mechanism where you now scan a QR code, or the restaurant can enter a receipt code into your account providing you proof that you are, indeed, a fan of that business.

So the concept of adding Membership to this is a simple expansion. There are multiple options and since it’s all digital, modifying the program to suit your business is a minor matter of determining the goal and seeking that result.

Memberships can include some of the following:

You can restrict your website to allow Members exclusive access. In the case of a restaurant, this can be specials that only Members are allowed to purchase. A “category” if you will. Entrées/appetizers and even beer or wine, perhaps cigars can be in this category.

You can create a subscription for your members. Free, fixed price (like an annual charge) and even payments (monthly, weekly, pick your variation). We can create a table that presents the options to your members and they choose which plan they wish to subscribe.

You can integrate your Membership with email programs and even text broadcasting (more on this soon). Reach out to your membership base with a click of the mouse and touch every member that is a fan simultaneously.

We also offer Social connections. A dedicated Social Login module provides media connections, configured the way you want, right from your dashboard. Use Social media the way it works best for your business!

And it’s completely customizable. We are developers and know that your business is different from everyone else. We can follow your lead if you need changes specific to your business or we can help you generate the changes (consulting) and then implement on your website.