Technology enhances business

Technology enhances business

Mobile technology especially!

What kind of impact will a mobile app for your business actually provide? A lot
depends on your goals, for instance, marketing to customers or loyalty
programs are solid money makers. Just putting a menu on your app won’t
drive revenue directly, but it can be a launching pad for innovative ways to
begin a better communication with your customers.

Chick-fil-a experienced an up to 20% increase in business due to their mobile application which was launched in 2016. With over two million monthly customers, it’s not much of a surprise!

“We want to give the customer not just more convenience, but more control through the mobile app,” a Chick-fil-a representative said. “We’ve found that being able to order and pay ahead of time really makes the whole experience a lot more convenient and stress-free for customers by giving them much more control over everything.”
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